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Nokia Lumia 920 Sim Card Reader Holder Slot Repair Replacement Sim Error No Sim Inserted

Below is a Nokia Lumia 920 with a sim card inserted however the device is not reading the sim card, it says Sim Error. The Sim Card is missing or invalid. You can still make emergency calls if your mobile operator supports this.

If the sim card is inserted in the correct position and the device is not reading the sim card it means that there is a problem with the internal sim card reader on the motherboard. This can be repaired/replaced.

The device will need disassembling so that we have access to the damaged sim card reader. Once we can see the damaged sim card reader, this component will need removing. Using a hot air station we heat off the sim card reader from the board. When this is complete, the motherboard should look like this;

As you can see above, all 9 solder pads/traces on the flex ribbon are still intact. These are highlighted in the red square boxes in the picture. Please note that all 9 solder pads must remain intact during the sim card reader removal otherwise if any pads are damaged, the device is now damaged beyond repair – So be careful.

The sim card reader part looks like this below. It is exactly same as the Nokia Lumia 900 Sim card reader;

This part can be purchased online it is fairly cheap to buy. We will now solder this component onto the Nokia Lumia 920 motherboard.

The picture below shows the new sim card reader soldered onto the motherboard;

Now the sim card should be detected by the phone. The sim reader pins have been replaced. We will test the device with a known working sim card.

As you can see in the picture above, the device is now detecting the sim card and the green square in the picture highlights the mobile network operator signal to show that the repair has been successful.

We offer both postal repair services and walk in repair services for this type of device. We are based in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

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