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Nokia Lumia 630 (RM-976) Sim Card Reader Connector Repair Replacement Guide For Damaged Broken Pins Solution

The most common cause of this issue on the device is the use of a nano sim card with an adapter.

If you have been using a nano sim inserted into a micro sim adapter, in most cases the sim card will fit into your device and it will read and work fine. However when the sim card is removed, it will catch on the pins of the sim card reader. If force is used to pull the sim card out this will also damage the pins.

If the device shows the following message whilst your sim card is inserted in the device, it means your reader is damaged.

SIM error – The SIM card is missing or invalid. You can still make emergency calls if your mobile operator supports this.

We can fix this problem for you.

Above is a picture of a Nokia Lumia 630 motherboard with a damaged sim card reader, if you look carefully enough you can see that some of the pins are damaged and missing from the motherboard.

The SIM card reader will need replacing by micro-soldering a new sim card reader connector on the printed circuit board (motherboard). Firstly the motherboard will need to be removed from the device. The device will need to be disassembled so that we can access the motherboard.

Below is a picture of the motherboard removed from the Nokia Lumia 630 it shows that there is clear damage to the pins on the sim card reader

Below you can see the sim card reader has now been removed from the motherboard using specialist equipment and tools at our workshop. The damaged sim card reader is on the left, and a brand new sim card that we are going to solder onto the board is on the right

We have replaced the component by soldering the new part to the device’s motherboard. The image below shows the motherboard fitted with a new sim reader

We have re-assembled the Nokia Lumia 630 and inserted a SIM card into the new sim card reader. Here is an example of our work and the device is now working fine, it is reading sim cards now as you can see on the top right corner of the screen ‘EE’ with mobile network signal.

We offer both postal repair services and walk in repair services for this type of device. We are based in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

We offer postal repair services for any destination in the world.

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