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Blackberry Z10/Q10 Sim Card Reader Repair Replacement Guide For Damaged Broken Pins

Blackberry Z10/Q10 Sim Card Reader Repair Replacement Guide For Damaged Broken Pins Solution

This guide will help you understand why your Blackberry Z10 or Q10 is not detecting your micro sim card.

The most common cause of this issue on the device is the use of a nano sim card with an adapter.

If you have been using a nano sim (iPhone 5 sim card) inserted into a micro sim adapter, in most cases the sim card will fit into your device and it will read and work fine. However when the sim card is removed, it will catch on the pins of the sim card reader. If force is used to pull the sim card out this will also damage the pins.

Here is a basic guide to show you how to replace the sim card reader on the Z10 or Q10. Both of these devices use the same sim card reader so the process is exactly the same.

Disassembly videos are readily available on youtube for both devices so we will not be showing you how the device is taken apart.

The picture above shows a few of the latest Blackberry Z10 and Q10 models. The picture below this text shows the message ‘SIM not detected’ on the top right corner of the screen. If you have a sim card inserted in your device and this message is being displayed, it means you have a problem with your sim card reader.

We can fix this problem for you. The parts are not readily available in the market, however we have managed to source them from our supplier by direct request.

Above is a Blackberry Q10 with a damaged sim card reader, if you look carefully enough you can see that some of the pins are damaged and missing from the motherboard.

Lets get started, in this example we will work on a Blackberry Z10. Remove the motherboard from the device and place it on the table. Use a Hot Air Soldering Station set at 350-400 degrees and heat the sim card reader area for around 3 minutes keep the hot air wand a few inches away from the component. A good idea is to use kapton tape which is a heat resistant tape to surround other components and resistors so that they do not heat up or melt away.

Use some foreceps/tweezers and be careful, gently pull the sim card reader from the motherboard if the board area you are working on has reached the correct temperature the sim reader should pull away very easily. Now that the sim card reader has been removed, your motherboard should look like this;

As you can see, all 8 sim card reader solder pads/tracks on the motherboard are still intact. There are also 6 points where the sim card reader cage will solder onto so that it is securely positioned on the printed circuit board.

Here is the Blackberry Z10/Q10 sim card reader, extremely difficult part to get hold of at the moment, we are glad to have purchased 200 units form our suppliers.

Line the new sim card reader up to the correct position. A good way is to do this is by using the outer solder pads/tracks and guide them to the pins on the reader.

Use a soldering iron to solder the outer points of the new part and so that it does not move around, we want it to be securely placed when applying heat in the final process.

Use a hot air station to heat the sim card reader so that the remaining solder points make a connection and the sim card reader cage is also soldered onto the motherboard, you will be able to see the solder reach the correct temperature as it will start to liquidate. At this stage the sim card reader has now been successfully soldered into place and now we will assemble the device back together and test it to ensure the sim card is being detected.

Here is an example of our work, we have replaced the sim card reader and the device is now working fine, it is reading sim cards now as you can see on the top right corner of the screen ‘Vodafone UK’ with full GSM signal.

We offer both postal repair services and walk in repair services for this type of device. We are based in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

We offer postal repair services for any destination in the world.

Please use the following links to purchase the repair service for both the Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10 Sim Card Reader Repair Service;